Now I walk not in vain. I walk with Confidence.

To my mother and father who have birthed me in this life.

I will honour your name with the crown of truth.

What you want and envision of me is to be greater and better than you.

This will be done through perseverance and hard work, standing firm on confidence. 

As the journey of life unfolds, I will take it one step at a time.

And as for how distractions are always there, 

I will overcome them by knowing that they come at me because they have lost their way.

And by keeping my purpose, I will show them my strength so that they can be motivated to find back theirs.

My values, my upbringing and communal sharing taught by my mother and father, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles,

will keep me safe and out of temptation, and keep me from deviating from my purpose.

These values keep me strong when others do me wrong.

It is not just for me but for the people who depend on me, so I will carry on.

I am the one given this chance.

I am the one to make this change.

So I am honoured with joy to do what others wanted to, but did not get the chance. 

I will speak up and say what is to set us free.

I will strive for all of us, for as long as I breathe.

This! This is my vow!


Performed by Confidence

Written, Edited, Arranged, Directed & Produced by Confidence

Conga Drums & Flute Performed by Wise Atanga 

Vocals, Conga Drums & Flute Recording Engineered by Mitch Stone at Black Starliner Studios, Ottawa, ON. Canada.

Mixing and Mastering Engineered by Grammy Winning Rohan Dwyer at Groove Box Studios, Jamaica. 

Copyright ©2020 BlackStarlinerStudios


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