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Name: Confidence Survival Eyong

Recognized Origin: Cross Rivers State, Nigeria.

Rooted Origin: Uturu, Homo Erectus 

Current Location: Ottawa, Ontario. Canada.

Recent Release: Confidence is Key Album

Project Recognized Genre: Reggae

Project Rooted Genre: Sankofa

Label: Black Starliner Studios (Independent)

Project Influences: The Garvey Trinity (Marcus Mosiah, Amy Jacques & Amy Ashwood), Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Fela Kuti, Nina Simone

Music Delivery Sound Alike: Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Queen Omega, Queen Ifrica, Duane Stevenson, Stephen Marley, etc.

Confidence Survival Eyong

Canada based - Nigerian Sankofa artist Confidence has been honing her skills working tirelessly on the recently released "Confidence is Key" album since 2018. Originally a singer-songwriter, Confidence blended her music with her administrative skills bringing about a perfect union of her two passions. Her experience in the field during the creation of the project allowed her to introduce more elements into the union which enabled her to fully explore directing and producing, therefore oversee and  make the best out of the project.

At the time, she worked with one of Ottawa's best audio engineers - Mitch Stone at Black Starliner Studios, from whom she comprehensively picked up all she could on sound production. This was due to her undisputed dedication to the project. Being present every second of the way and giving her undivided attention to the audio production stage, she was able to extend the range of her talents even further, leading to her soon achieved titles - music director, producer, senior administrator & junior audio engineer. 

Her writing was inspired by the life journey of The Mighty Trinity (Marcus Mosiah, Amy Jacques & Amy Ashwood Garvey) and other revolutionaries who made an impact on how Kush is perceived today and the fight that got them there. Musically, she was influenced by Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Fela Kuti, Vybz Kartel amongst others in the delivery. 

Odoo • Image and Text

So making her way into the Jamaican music production industry was not far-fetched and was in fact what she needed to make her sound match the delivery. Working in collaboration with Grammy award winning Gregory Morris & Rohan Dwyer from Jamaica through Black Starliner Studios, it doesn't get much better than that.

"Black Starliner Studios is a one-stop facilitation company for even a person who can't sing nor write music and I am testimony of that!
...Finding Black Starliner Studios was a major life changing event for me... how I found it is a story for another day" says Confidence. 

Black Starliner Studios, facilities and people around it showed Confidence a lot about herself and gave her the experience and facilitation she needed to take on the music world. Her dedication to everything she finds herself in is unfathomable. Starting off as a secretary to the senior administrator of the company, she was able to work herself up to taking on the company administration fully and managing day-to-day operations while simultaneously working on the project. She says: 

"When you find a place that is not just here for the long run but also the good run, you want to see it succeed and I knew 
that the relationship between Black Starliner Studios and myself would be greatly beneficial to my life path the moment 
I started working and since then, I haven't stopped! ...The title "Confidence is Key" was an essential part of my journey 
since my resurrection simply putting it. It signifies that I embody the state change and what mindset we should have as 
Kush. My alignment in this journey; being present at this time, the people I met and the actions I've taken showed me that 
I am here to do great things, as long as I stay grounded and tune myself into my innate pyramidal competence; and that 
automatically made me confident. Like Rt Hon. Marcus Mosiah Garvey said - "Without confidence in self, you are defeated 
twice in the race of life, but with confidence, you have won even before you started".  

Growing up an actively participating christian for the most part of her life, it was difficult at first, yet awakening to find knowledge that majority of Kush aren't aware of, due to colonization in relation to  the present educational systems. Confidence realized that the fight for Mental Liberation was majorly a diaspora mindset.

 "People in the diaspora have the most drive for liberation because they are the most disconnected from the mainland Kush" she says. 

This played a huge part in getting full support from her family, being that she dropped out of university to pursue music. As a matter of fact, she was able to awaken her parents into seeing the reality of self-reliance (entrepreneurship) and convinced them that she would use her 1 year tuition to improve the family. Since then, her driving force has been to awaken the minds of Global Kush and she says: 
"... That's all I live for, it's why I'm here, in the flesh. I am the embodiment of confidence in my thoughts and actions and that's exactly 
what the People of Kush needs right now. Confidence!".  

Confidence is Key is an embodiment of knowledge containing over 2.5 million years of existence and beyond until now and aims to awaken the minds of the sleeping Uturu through music. The cover design tells a lot; using shapes, signs and symbols that present the people, it goes deep back to the roots of the great first method of writing on earth and that's the Insibidi Symols used by the Great Unruled Igbo people of what is now recognized as Nigeria.


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